3.1 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH8266)
3.2 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH3080)
3.3 GPRS Monitor(GTH202)
3.4 GPRS Monitor(GBTH202)
3.5 LTE Monitor
3.6 Firmware Upgrade
4.1 Add your Device
4.2 View data on Web Portal
4.3 View Data on WeChat
4.4 Alert Notification
7.1 WTH8266
7.2 WTH3080
7.3 GTH202


1. Tell me about the wireless temperature (and humidity) sensor.

The wireless temperature (and humidity) sensor can measure the temperature and humidity and report these values to our cloud (Lwkits platform) via WiFi/GPRS network every minute.

2. How can I see the demo of Lwkits system and app?

To see the demo of the web portal of our energy monitoring cloud (Iammeter Portal), please visit Demo of Web Portal by your PC;

To see the demo of the mobile app, please visit Demo of Mobile App by your smart phone. It is webapp on mobile phone just for demo, if you want to download the app file, please search "LWKITS" on Google Play or Apple Store.

3. How many models do you have?

We have the below model, WTH3080, WiFi Temperature (and humidity) Sensor; GTH202, GPRS Temperature (and humidity) Sensor, no battery connector; GBTH202, GPRS Temperature (and humidity) Sensor, with battery connector;

4. How to quickly install and setup the meter?

For quickstart document, please visit Quickstart

5. What is the specification of the meter?

For specification and datasheet, please visit DataSheet.

6. How much is the meter?

For the price of WTH3080, please visit WTH3080 on Alibaba ; For the price of GTH202 and GBTH202 (same price), please visit GTH202 and GBTH202 on Alibaba

7. Is there any cloud servie fee for the product?

No. We provide cloud service for free.

8. Can I use this device in a place without internet?

Yes, you can monitor the data locally via WLAN, no internet needed. Please refer to Local Monitoring for details.

9. We don't want to use Lwkits cloud. Can I integrate the device's reading to our own server?

Only the WiFi device (WTH3080) can transfer the data to your server by setting TCP or SSL parameters. In this way, you don't need to register on Lwkits and the data will not store on Lwkits cloud. Please refer to Connect to your own server for details.

10. Is there SIM card in the GPRS device? If not, what kind of SIM card is applied? No SIM card. The SIM card applied is Micro SIM card. Use SIM Card holder if necessary. You need to buy SIM card by yourself and pay for data traffic.

11. How can I use battery as backup power for GPRS Device? Only GBTH202 has battery connector. You need to buy extra battery pack from us. There is no battery inside the battery pack. You need to buy battery by yourself. Any stardard 18650 battery with protection board can be packed inside. Please contact the battery supplier and confirm that the 18650 battery you bought has the protection board.