3.1 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH8266)
3.2 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH3080)
3.3 GPRS Monitor(GTH202)
3.4 GPRS Monitor(GBTH202)
3.5 LTE Monitor
3.6 Firmware Upgrade
4.1 Add your Device
4.2 View data on Web Portal
4.3 View Data on WeChat
4.4 Alert Notification
7.1 WTH8266
7.2 WTH3080
7.3 GTH202

1 Sign up on DeviceBit


Step1, Visit the website https://www.lwkits.com, click "Log in", and the login page is shown

Step2, Click "Sign up", fill up the information on sign up page, enter the meter SN.

SN: Serial Number is the unique ID of your Monitor, it is a combination of several digits or letters. Please refer to the above chapter.

2 Add your monitor on DeviceBit

https://leweidoc.oss-cn-hangzhou.aliyuncs.com 5

Login and click "Add A Device". SN and Name must be filled. Normal Value Range and Alarm Sending is optional to be filled.