3.1 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH8266)
3.2 Wi-Fi Monitor(WTH3080)
3.3 GPRS Monitor(GTH202)
3.4 GPRS Monitor(GBTH202)
3.5 LTE Monitor
3.6 Firmware Upgrade
4.1 Add your Device
4.2 View data on Web Portal
4.3 View Data on WeChat
4.4 Alert Notification
7.1 WTH8266
7.2 WTH3080
7.3 GTH202

1 Key Features

  • Measure the temperature or/and humidity and report the real-time data to the cloud
  • Plug and play, easy to use
  • High accuracy and large measurement range
  • Simply one-key Wi-Fi setup to connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Support reporting data locally via LAN to your PC that running Local Monitoring Software
  • Support reporting data to your own server by customized settings
  • Enterprise-class performance, suitable for domestic, commerical and industrial use
  • Cloud service and WeChat app is available

2 General Specification

Specification Description
Standard package 1.Wi-Fi Data Logger
2.Temperature or Temperature&Humidity Sensor
3. USB Powre Cable
4. Extension Probe Cable(Optional)
Power Supply DC 5V/1A
Communication Built-in Wi-Fi
Antenna Internal 2.4G antenna
Reporting interval 5 minutes by default
Report contents Temperature measurement or Temperature and Humidity measurement
Configuration Wi-Fi access point and webpage for setting SSID and password
Monitoring Scenarios 1. Monitor on DeviceBit cloud
2.Monitor locally via LAN
3. Monitor on your own Server

3 Electrical characteristics

Temperature Only Version

Specification Description
Input Voltage 5V DC
Input Current 1A
Measurement Range -55℃ ~ +125℃,-67°F to +257°F
Measurement Accuracy ±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C
Drift ±0.2℃

4 Mechanical characteristics

Specification Description
Package Weight 0.2kg
Dimension of Data Logger 60×58×28mm
Probe Length 1 meter by default, different length is optional

5 Environmental conditions

Specification Description
Operating Temperature of Data Logger -20~+85℃
Operating Humidity of Data Logger 0~95%
Altitude 0~3000m

6 Wi-Fi Network

Specification Description
WLAN Channel:Auto
SSID eMonitor_xxxxxxxxx(8 digits Serial No.), no password required
Configuration page URL:
Username:admin, Password:admin

7 Wi-Fi Parameters

Specification Description
Wi-Fi Mode IEEE802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi Channel 1-13
Transmit power 18.5dBm@11b,16.5dBm@11g,15.5dBm@11n;
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.412 ~ 2.484GHZ
Transmit Speed 72.2Mbps@20M Bandwidth; 150Mbps@40M Bandwidth
Maximum Connections 8
Wi-Fi Antenna Internal